A declaration of love to the vineyards of Pannonhalma

Your gaze brushes over the gentle hills of Pannonhalma. The late summer morning awakes with the sun softly bathing the landscape in red light. The fox and the rabbit go to sleep, a busy new day dawns. The light lifts its mist like a veil, and clears the view of its unbridled, wonderfully green and vast landscape. Warmth dries the morning thaw, filling the air with intoxicating sweetness and spices. It is here that we unfold the wings of our minds and our love of nature. Our harmony with the soul of the terroir gifts us the fruit of the vine. Nature and our hard work, the magic of creation fills our bottles with the taste of life and the warmth of the sun. This is our little paradise on earth. Our love and devotion are infinite, beloved Earth.


Our vineyard "CSERI" is strongly connected to the image of the phoenix. The mythical creature represents the vineyard's general principles. Inspired by the largely unknown wine-growing area Nyúl, located in the Pannonhalma region, the name "Phoenix" was created. The expression "to rise like a phoenix" is used for something which was thought to be lost, but now is restored to its former glory – a perfect metaphor for this young company. The winery has a long story. Wine has been produced here for 200 years. Our vines are now 15 years old.

The growing vineyard Cseri, named after the family who owns it, is carefully and diligently managed. The high aspirations and standards we set for the work in the vineyard also apply to vinification and the development of the wines. Modern technology paired with traditional processes ensure high quality. Our enologist, the first son of the Cseri family, studied at the University of Hungary and works now for the family business.

Our wines are, partly, stored in our old vault cellars until they are mature. The result are wines in the brightest colors: bright yellow, gold, rosé, red and deep red – just like the beautiful feathers of the phoenix.