Olaszrizling October

Our Rajnai Series at the Italian Riesling October Tasting October 12th is everyone's record, as it is the first official debut of our 6-item Rhine Riesling series. Not only will you meet us at this prestigious event, but also the diversity of the closest item to our audience that will be presented to the audience with a renewed look.

Rajnai Series: 

II. Secundus Barni's Riesling 2018
IV. Quartus Rajnai rizling 2017
VI. Sextus Rajnai rizling Selection 2016
VII.Septimus Rajnai rizling S 2017 - spontán erjesztett, 1 éves hordós érlelés
VIII. Octavus Rajnai rizling 2S 2016 - spontán erjesztett 2 éves hordós érlelésX. Decimus Rajnai rizling késői szüret 2017

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Author: Cseri Pincészet